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At the beginning there were parties and music. Then after years of doing parties, festivals and even a booking agency, Stock5 founded his own record label in 2006. There was no intention to serve just one type of electronic music or even less to reinvent something. At the end it just had to touch hearts and legs and this is what the label still stands for. The ears are open to a lot of things but the fact if an artist is able to surprise our ears will always lead the decision to release a track or not.

Clear that the research for accordingly artist was not simple and that a lot of things will get lost on the way but it’s only a decision made by heart. No trends. No hypes. And the will to stay free in the decision to release any kind of electronic music.

Starting in August 2006 with the “Alda EP”, already the first releases of the regular Stock5 imprint within some artists like Seph, Dario Zenker, Heartthrob, Jichael Mackson, Ion Ludwig, Sweet `N Candy, E-Contact, Leonel Castillo, Agnes and Seuil gained attractive premiums.

“Heartthrob’s Acid for Bongo Interpretation” of Seph’s “Dash” bomb track from Stock5 002 got signed for Steve Bug’s presents Fuse Compilation and in turn Seph’s Remix for Andres Zacco & Lucas Mari (Stock5 004) was signed by Ellen Allien for a Mix Compilation on Bpitch Records.

But through these first outputs, the crew noticed that two streams of ideas and releases had been coming up and so they decided to launch the sublabel Stock5 LTD starting with the reimprint of three old classic techno tracks from Sutekh and followed by Ahmet Sisman who nowadays maybe is one of the most popular artist that the label helped to jump on the world stages. His first record on Stock5 LTD “Yakin ve Uzak” from 2008 got instantly signed from Sven Vaeth for his Ibiza 9th season compilation.

Until today Stock5 and his limited brother count with 18 vinyl releases which may be sounds not that much in 5 years, but as the label always kept up his philosophy only to press on vinyl what them really turns crazy, the selection process was hard and deeply discussed amongst themselves.

Thanks to always keep up making events like the Monsters of House Festival series which was initiated by them, the regular Stock5 parties in their hometown Munich and other cities like Berlin, Barcelona, Vienna, Zurich or Stuttgart accompanied by other special events like the “Cirque du Stock5” at Pratersauna in Vienna, the label could enlarge their net of artists. People like Inxec, Cesare vs. Disorder and Pherox joined the label in early parts of their careers. Even big names like Lee Curtiss; Marek Bois aka Dapayk and Maetrik didn`t wait to share their extrusions on Stock5 where at he choose his Remix of Ahmet Sisman’s “Hi Tech Booty” for the 5 years Mix compilation of Galaktika Records.

As design always was an important part of the labels philosophy, the label presented from the first vinyl on a unique face on his covers. After several trials of different styles with more simple but pregnant designs, they could welcome the swedish designer Vår from the world famous Woo Agency for the first two Stock5 LTD records.

Since Stock5 #10 and Stock5 ltd #3 chilean artist Isita Celis is responsible for the cover designs that also mark his very own style completely according to the label music.